Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meet Alicia Salazar

I'm involved in a blog project where each week a new blogger is introduced and tells about his/her writing/creative process.  I would like for you to meet Alicia Salazar. Alicia is a writer and teacher in my critique group.  Find out more about her at
I was born in Texas on Groundhog’s Day. 
Writing and the ocean were my two childhood loves. I studied Marine Biology at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama and spent summers at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab exploring wetlands and guano islands and dodging alligators. I came home to study Oceanography at Texas A&M University in College Station where I experimented on one-celled plants called phytoplankton and got the chance to participate in research cruises which tracked sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico.
I decided to share my love and knowledge of science as an elementary school teacher and  I currently teach third grade math and science in Houston.
My combined love of the ocean and of writing led to my first children’s story called Dover’s Dilemma about a dolphin with serious trash problems and to a story called Dino, about a dinoflagellate with an identity crisis.
My stories are not just about the ocean, however.  I find inspiration in all of my favorite things.: Travel.  I wrote Brooklyn after my first trip to New York City;  Christmas.  Reindeer Poop is all about the magic of believing.;  and last but definitely not least, daydreaming.  All of my stories begin with my number one favorite activity!

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